Welcome in our online shop!


Since the 9/12/2015 we are licensed to send drugs by mail. The license has been given to us by the district office of Rosenheim. 

Besides few exceptions you can order remedies and drugs that are officially registered in Germany. 


We specialise in the manufacturing and production of individual extemporaneous products and formulations of homoeopathic dilutions and mother tinctures. 


For further information you are very welcome to contact us via phone, fax or email. 


Because of the huge demand for mother tinctures (Urtinkturen in German) we have set up a comfortable online shop. 

To make shopping easy for you, the shop is divided into three sections: You can find the products listed alphabetically with their Latin names. If you only know the English (or Italian) name, you can find a list of our mother tinctures’ Latin names here


If you are looking for a tincture but can’t find it in our list or if you want more information about homoeopathy and naturopathy, please feel free to call us via phone, fax or email. 


Important note:

All ethical products (e.g. Strophantus mother tincture) can only be delivered after presentation of an original medical prescription. 

Should you experience any side effects as a result of the intake of your ordered medicine, or should you notice any quality defects, please contact us immediately. 


If need please contact your therapist or medical doctor immediately!